We've Moved!

My mom and I have a big announcement: We have migrated many of our real food recipes to a new website in an effort to branch out just a bit from food to include more of our lifestyle here in the Sequoia National Forest.

Expect to see new recipes regularly, more beverages and seasonings (upon your request), and more of the DIY food, gardening, and herb projects we have going on here on our property.

The new site comes with a new picture-intensive design that we hope you love.

Finally, we are particularly excited that we have roped in a new weekly writer for this website: 11-year-old Frederick, my son. You have seen Frederick chasing chickens and picking blackberries but he now promises to tell you about it in his own words. He kicks off his work with a tale of wild plums. Be sure to leave an encouraging comment.

Three generations of "Rose" now contribute to our site, ranging in age from 11 to 70. Our team brings a combined 100 years of experience in both gardening and cooking. Mom brings the bulk of the wisdom and Frederick the freshness to "Fresh Bites Daily."

If you have subscribed to the feed via FeedBlitz, you should receive all of the new content, uninterrupted. (*Fingers crossed*) If you haven't, you can subscribe to the RSS feed right here.

Check it out.

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