Antioxidant Foods

antioxidant foods Follow Me on Pinterest Antioxidant foods have been sky-rocketing in popularity over the last decade as cancer rates climb. Antioxidant foods actually have the ability to stop cancer cell formation before it starts, bringing a whole new importance to the topic of “dinner.” Here at the Traditional Foods website, we begin a project of bringing antioxidant-rich foods to you, starting with some of the stand-out herbs and spices. We will profile a food each week and certainly love any antioxidant superstars, but some of the foods you will find us gushing over are those that are more easily accessible in the marketplace and that are reasonably priced. Acai may be great but I certainly cannot grow it in my garden or cook it in most of my meals. Apples and onions are another matter. I gush even though, by weight, they have a lower “oxygen radical absorbancy capacity” (ORAC) than acai or goji berries. I simply need to eat more of them. (And I can.)

Follow Me on Pinterest Eating mountains of fresh vegetables and fruit is the key to optimal health, including cancer-prevention. When you are done with your mountain of produce, consider eating a bit more.

With each food we profile, you will learn its ORAC value and phenolic content based on data compiled by the USDA. As yet, this is the best measure of the antioxidant capacity of food, a field that is ever-changing as scientists make breakthroughs in this relatively new research topic.

Antioxidants in Fruit
Antioxidant Herbs & Spices