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Announcing A New Site: Fresh Bites Daily

My mom and I have a big announcement: We have migrated many of our real food recipes to a new website in an effort to branch out just a bit from food to include more of our lifestyle here in the Sequoia National Forest. Expect to see new recipes regularly, more beverages and seasonings (upon…

Skunk Cabbage: When Foraging Goes Awry

~ ~ ~ Skunk Cabbage We have a plant here that locals call “skunk cabbage.” Over a year ago on a lark I actually picked some and tasted it. Somewhat predictably it was skunky. In fact it was so bad that I could not palate it at all and I spit it out — I’ve…

Gone Fishing


We’re on a break leaving no stone unturned in the Sequoia National Forest (or at least sitting in a chaise lounge and looking at it). We may even literally be out fishing. (Fingers crossed.) As we rest, recover, and take in fresh mountain air, we’re taking a posting break. In the background we’ve been working…

Depression In Pregnancy and Postpartum: Pregnant Again? (Survival Tools)

Postpartum Depression and a Second Pregnancy: Survival Tools

Anyone who has struggled with postpartum depression knows how painful the question can be: “Should I have another baby? Will it be worse?” The question plagued my husband and I so much that we did not plan to have another. In my first pregnancy I had psychotic episodes just before the birth and in the…

Lemon Curd


When it comes to assembling stunningly simple and elegant fruit desserts, you will need a stash of lemon curd. You can buy the curd in a jar…for quite a few bucks. It is much more satisfying and healthy, however, to make your own with good honey, butter, and eggs from your own chickens (or maybe…

Dried Orange Slices


Last year Marilyn Beard of Just Making Noise wrote about how she was drying orange slices. I’ve done that to use the slices as Christmas tree decorations but the thought of eating those dried discs never occurred to me. Marilyn has a cool blog with great ideas, so we HAD to give this a try….

Patriotic Popsicles


They are bright, tasty, and even patriotic. Every day is a good day for a refreshing fruit-based popsicle, but they are especially choice on patriotic holidays. We keep popsicles like these stock in our freezer. My boys get excited over the treat and, frankly, it’s a pretty easy and healthy way to treat yourself. We…

Tomato Basil Bruschetta Dip

Tomato Bruschetta at

Inspired by a beautiful jar of tomato powder from our fall harvest, we whipped up this dip to take to a friend’s party. While it is a mix of familiar flavors combining tomato and basil, it is unusual for a dip. We set some aside and gobbled it long before the party started. We used…

Candied Orange Peel


Do you have an abundance of citrus and regularly squeeze up a pitcher of orange juice? Your countertops are likely filled with a pile of squeezed out orange skins. They do compost well, but you might consider another route. Candy them! Candied orange peel is a nice finisher for a garlic-laden meal. It cuts the…

Fertility, Food, and a Mind-Blowing Factoid


There is a powerful statement about fertility that may blow your mind: All of your mother’s eggs were formed in her body in your grandmother’s womb. We women are born with all of the eggs we will ever have and the egg quality we are born with varies from person to person. As time marches…

Pollan Painting #4: The Golden Arches

Polan Paintings Golden Arches at

The blast-from-the-past Pollan Painting series celebrates the release of Michael Pollan’s new book

Non-Toxic Stove Top Cleaning — Quick Tip


When you’ve got grime on your grime in your stove top burning pans and then you manage to boil over milk on top of that grime, it is time for a life change: Clean the darned stove top! Yes, you could buy some of that toxic-smelling oven cleaner, spray it on, and wipe it off….

Roasted Banana Ice Cream with Candied Nuts

Banana Ice Cream with Candied Nuts at

Frederick and I are embarking on an ice cream adventure. Every week that he has done his chores without being asked, we make ice cream. Being a former (former?) educator, I approach all activity as time to explore and discover. Ice cream making is no exception to my rule. Frederick: “You can COOK a banana?”…

Pollan Painting #3: Sequoia National Pork

Pollan Painting: Sequoia National Pork at

The blast-from-the-past Pollan Painting series celebrates the release of Michael Pollan’s new book

Raw Egg Safety: Yes or No on Raw Eggs in Homemade Ice Cream?


As ice cream season begins and we add new recipes to this website, I thought I’d take a minute to describe our raw egg philosophy. Many (if not all) of our recipes will contain raw egg and I wouldn’t actually recommend raw egg to everyone reading this site. Eggs are little balls of salmonella. Raw…

Nettle for Allergy Relief — Soups & Infusions


My 10-year-old son has increasing problems with seasonal allergies — we brace ourselves as spring comes with its pollen because this kid really reacts. Last year we kept him comfortable with over-the-counter medications, local honey, regular elderflower tea, lavender oil in a nebulizer/diffuser concoction as he sleeps, and a chest rub of lavender and eucalyptus…

Pollan Painting #2: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain

Pollan Painting: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain from

The blast-from-the-past Pollan Painting series continues as we await the release of Michael Pollan’s new book

Extreme Flash Sale + Giveaway ($750 Value)


Extreme Flash Sale + Giveaway ($750 Value) This giveaway is closed. Lucky winners include Jennifer of Unrefined Kitchen, Vickie, Julie, Debbie, and Pam. Jennifer selected the Excalibur. The other winners are happily spending their winnings all in one place — Tropical Traditions. We’ve got a crazy flash sale going on with just about three days…

Chocolate Chip Cookie (With Coconut Flour — Gluten Free)

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies @

This cookie is surprisingly popular in our household. I am surprised at its popularity in part because the presence of a chocolate chip within in a cookie sets up expectations for a “Tollhouse”-like experience. The fact is, like most human beings, I would love to live on Tollhouse-like cookies for at least three meals a…

Extreme Digital Health Library Sale


I am pleased to announce a gigantic flash sale — 53 products in total for one amazingly low price — $39.97!!! (For 10 days only.) Pat Robinson and I have had our noses to the grindstone organizing this massive bundle sale. I feel a bit at a loss for words about the sale perhaps because…