Buying Teff Guide (Including Buying Teff in Bulk)

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Buy Whole Teff: One-Pound Quantities

buy teff bulk Follow Me on Pinterest On our buying guides we typically compare different vendors and make a recommendation based on price and quality. When buying teff in small quantities, particularly when you are new to teff and just trying it out, we recommend buying locally to save on the cost of shipping. Nearly any health food store or health-oriented market will carry teff either in bulk open bins or on their shelves with other packaged grains. This will be your most affordable option.

However, if you are remote or just need to purchase a small quantity today without leaving your computer, you will find your best deals through this link. Prices do change, so we hesitate to list them, but that marketplace is the most competitive in the United States and typically offers the best deal for a one-off small purchase.

Buy Teff Flour: One-Pound Quantities

We have the recommendation for buying teff flour as for whole teff in small quantities: buy it locally if you have access. If not, check out your options here and be careful not to have a coronary over shipping costs — buy other items while you are there to help defray the cost of shipping.

Buy Bulk Teff — Brown Teff

Teff is typically purchased in small quantities by consumers, but if you are shopping for larger bulk quantities of teff, the vendor below is an excellent one. The prices are subject to change — we do try to keep them updated.

Shipping Estimate
10 lbs
25 lbs

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7 Responses to Buying Teff Guide (Including Buying Teff in Bulk)
  1. just need to purchase a small quantity today without leaving your computer

  2. These are great tips for everyone. I could really use this. Thanks!

  3. Teff is packed with nutrition. It is higher in protein than wheat and has a high concentration of a wide variety of nutrients, including calcium, thiamin and iron. The iron from teff is easily absorbed by the body.

  4. Interesting. I’ve never even heard of Teff. Is it something you’re able to pick up at a typical grocery store or is it a specialty item that you have to find?

  5. You can find teff much cheaper from a grower in Idaho. 25 lbs of grain is approx $60 with shipping. I believe this is direct from the grower.

  6. I’m allergic to corn and all its derivatives, and I’m sensitive enough to react to traces and cross contamination. The most readily available brand is notorious for corny cross contamination since they clean the lines with corn starch.

    For the corn allergic, this grower in Idaho is the one that has proven safe for us. Prices aren’t bad either.

    • Amanda Rose


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