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Announcing A New Site: Fresh Bites Daily

My mom and I have a big announcement: We have migrated many of our real food recipes to a new website in an effort to branch out just a bit from food to include more of our lifestyle here in the Sequoia National Forest. Expect to see new recipes regularly, more beverages and seasonings (upon…

Gone Fishing


We’re on a break leaving no stone unturned in the Sequoia National Forest (or at least sitting in a chaise lounge and looking at it). We may even literally be out fishing. (Fingers crossed.) As we rest, recover, and take in fresh mountain air, we’re taking a posting break. In the background we’ve been working…

Depression In Pregnancy and Postpartum: Pregnant Again? (Survival Tools)

Postpartum Depression and a Second Pregnancy: Survival Tools

Anyone who has struggled with postpartum depression knows how painful the question can be: “Should I have another baby? Will it be worse?” The question plagued my husband and I so much that we did not plan to have another. In my first pregnancy I had psychotic episodes just before the birth and in the…

Fertility, Food, and a Mind-Blowing Factoid


There is a powerful statement about fertility that may blow your mind: All of your mother’s eggs were formed in her body in your grandmother’s womb. We women are born with all of the eggs we will ever have and the egg quality we are born with varies from person to person. As time marches…

Pollan Painting #4: The Golden Arches

Polan Paintings Golden Arches at

The blast-from-the-past Pollan Painting series celebrates the release of Michael Pollan’s new book

Pollan Painting #3: Sequoia National Pork

Pollan Painting: Sequoia National Pork at

The blast-from-the-past Pollan Painting series celebrates the release of Michael Pollan’s new book

Raw Egg Safety: Yes or No on Raw Eggs in Homemade Ice Cream?


As ice cream season begins and we add new recipes to this website, I thought I’d take a minute to describe our raw egg philosophy. Many (if not all) of our recipes will contain raw egg and I wouldn’t actually recommend raw egg to everyone reading this site. Eggs are little balls of salmonella. Raw…

Nettle for Allergy Relief — Soups & Infusions


My 10-year-old son has increasing problems with seasonal allergies — we brace ourselves as spring comes with its pollen because this kid really reacts. Last year we kept him comfortable with over-the-counter medications, local honey, regular elderflower tea, lavender oil in a nebulizer/diffuser concoction as he sleeps, and a chest rub of lavender and eucalyptus…

Pollan Painting #2: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain

Pollan Painting: Chicken Little at Magic Mountain from

The blast-from-the-past Pollan Painting series continues as we await the release of Michael Pollan’s new book

Extreme Flash Sale + Giveaway ($750 Value)


Extreme Flash Sale + Giveaway ($750 Value) This giveaway is closed. Lucky winners include Jennifer of Unrefined Kitchen, Vickie, Julie, Debbie, and Pam. Jennifer selected the Excalibur. The other winners are happily spending their winnings all in one place — Tropical Traditions. We’ve got a crazy flash sale going on with just about three days…

Extreme Digital Health Library Sale


I am pleased to announce a gigantic flash sale — 53 products in total for one amazingly low price — $39.97!!! (For 10 days only.) Pat Robinson and I have had our noses to the grindstone organizing this massive bundle sale. I feel a bit at a loss for words about the sale perhaps because…

Children of the Corn (Pollan Paintings Remembered)

Pollan Painting: Children of the Corn -- "I will domesticate them!" at

We were laughing the other day about this long-forgotten art work from Frederick’s kindergarten days. I posted it on the legendary Ethicurean website (now on hiatus) some years back, inspired by Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma which may be most remembered for exposing the vast use of corn-based ingredients in processed foods. Pollan may be…

Elderberry for Flu Symptoms

Elderberry for Flu Symptoms @

Home remedies for common illnesses such as the flu are exciting by all counts, but elderberry may be particularly exciting because, in our case, it grows wild near us. We can harvest it easily and for free. We use it in elderberry syrup and elderberry tea. Is elderberry really effective against the flu? In our…

Happy Thanksgiving (with a Few Holiday Projects)


Happy Thanksgiving! Especially to you Americans. We are enjoying a slow holiday here and just working on a few craft projects as a family. This part of California is loaded with fresh produce — the produce is inspiring many of our little projects. Here are a few. Herb and Cranberry Floating Candles This is a…

Healthy Holiday Food Ideas on Pinterest — Join In


As we head into the holiday season, there may be no tool to prepare quite as fun as Pinterest. I was scouring Pinterest looking for holiday food ideas when I decided that what we really need is one jumbo board where we like-minded people can post our discoveries. I created a board just for us:…

Holiday Grapes — Why They Are So Pricey (Friday Flick)

Grapes -- Covering to Prevent Molding @

Grapes are a great addition to a Thanksgiving table — some incredible seedless varieties have been cultivated to make memorable and tasty displays. If you have purchased them or dreamed of purchasing them, you may have noticed a hefty price tag. From these pictures, you will see why they are so expensive. (The grapes at…

Organic Versus Conventional Produce: Is There a Difference?

Pesticide Residue

One controversial research question in the food science literature is whether organic produce has more nutritional value than conventionally-produced crops. A study out of Stanford made it to the Big Show this week — the New York Times covered its findings which suggest there is no difference in nutritional value. It did find some difference…

Feed Costs Rising, Hay Harvesting Pics to Commemorate (Friday Flick)

Cutting Hay @

The cost of animal feed is sky-rocketing this year and the animal-based foods (meat, dairy, eggs) will skyrocket as well. Expect lower meat prices in the short term as farmers liquidate herds that they will not be able to feed. Here in the Sequoia National Forest, we overlook California’s dairy country and see still more…

California’s GMO Prop 37: Poke at Naked Juice

Don't Get Naked @

We try real hard on this site to focus on great recipes but sometimes you’ve just got to let out a little steam. My mom was looking over my shoulder earlier today at a little graphic I was making (which, by the way, makes this one look tame and may not be suitable for public…

Real Food Enthusiast & Cyclist Mat Barton, Injured, You Can Help


You may know Mat from the Hollywood Trader Joe’s, Portland Trader Joe’s, or the Portland cycling community. We know Mat because he snagged a long-time family friend as a wife and was married in our house four years ago. Mat was injured last Monday night in a Portland race. If you are in Portland or…