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Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate (Saving Tired Strawberries)


Strawberry season hits in the valley below us about two months before our own berries begin to ripen. Strawberries cause the two little guys in this house to go into orbit. Alastair got the attention of all the shoppers at a local fruit stand when he squealed “stwawbawwies!” Then he announced to anyone who would…

Lemon Curd


When it comes to assembling stunningly simple and elegant fruit desserts, you will need a stash of lemon curd. You can buy the curd in a jar…for quite a few bucks. It is much more satisfying and healthy, however, to make your own with good honey, butter, and eggs from your own chickens (or maybe…

Dried Orange Slices


Last year Marilyn Beard of Just Making Noise wrote about how she was drying orange slices. I’ve done that to use the slices as Christmas tree decorations but the thought of eating those dried discs never occurred to me. Marilyn has a cool blog with great ideas, so we HAD to give this a try….

Patriotic Popsicles


They are bright, tasty, and even patriotic. Every day is a good day for a refreshing fruit-based popsicle, but they are especially choice on patriotic holidays. We keep popsicles like these stock in our freezer. My boys get excited over the treat and, frankly, it’s a pretty easy and healthy way to treat yourself. We…

Tomato Basil Bruschetta Dip

Tomato Bruschetta at

Inspired by a beautiful jar of tomato powder from our fall harvest, we whipped up this dip to take to a friend’s party. While it is a mix of familiar flavors combining tomato and basil, it is unusual for a dip. We set some aside and gobbled it long before the party started. We used…

Candied Orange Peel


Do you have an abundance of citrus and regularly squeeze up a pitcher of orange juice? Your countertops are likely filled with a pile of squeezed out orange skins. They do compost well, but you might consider another route. Candy them! Candied orange peel is a nice finisher for a garlic-laden meal. It cuts the…

Roasted Curried Chicken (Curried Chicken Rub)


This is hands-down the best chicken seasoning I have ever come across. Have something to mop up the juices on the plate or you will end up licking it! I found this rub on All Recipes. The full post includes a seasoned couscous that you may be interested in. We had our chicken with some…

Roasted Banana Ice Cream with Candied Nuts

Banana Ice Cream with Candied Nuts at

Frederick and I are embarking on an ice cream adventure. Every week that he has done his chores without being asked, we make ice cream. Being a former (former?) educator, I approach all activity as time to explore and discover. Ice cream making is no exception to my rule. Frederick: “You can COOK a banana?”…

Rich and Dense Nettle Soup

Rich and Dense Nettle Soup at

Are you looking for a spring tonic, possibly an almost-free spring tonic? Stinging nettle can be your answer. We have decided that it is on the top of our list for staying healthy. With renewed focus and dedication to nettle, we are tracking it’s life cycle and finding new stands of it. By far, the…

Orange and Olive Oil Ice Cream


Does the thought of olive oil in ice cream make your nose wrinkle? Before this past weekend, that was my experience but having used olive oil in cookies and cake in these past months, I was feeling more adventuresome. Check out olive oil recipes online and you will find them all pretty much the same….

Strawberry Balsamic Muffins

Strawberry Balsamic Muffins @

I love Elise over at Simply Recipes. She has a masterful sense of food. I trust her. That’s the only reason why I considered putting balsamic vinegar and black pepper in these muffins. What a combo! It makes me want to plant another row of strawberries in the garden. Months later Frederick convinced me to…

Homemade Citrus Salts


Last year I was inspired by Heidi Swanson’s post to make my own citrus salts. The process is such a no-brainer, drop-dead easy one! Heidi offers suggestions on how to most enjoy these salts as “finishing” salts on things like avocado slices. I was inspired. It took me a whole year to work on the…

Greens and Cabbage Soup — Thai Style


Greens soup has become a staple in our diet, so much so that we continually develop new recipes to avoid greens soup boredom. If you are going to eat healthy, densely green soups on a regular basis, you will want some variety in the flavors. Enjoy every spoonful. Thai cooking bursts with flavor, so it’s…

Rugged Garlic Dressing

Rugged Garlic Dressing at

Are you looking for a salad dressing that will wake up your senses? That will turn the simplest dishes into gourmet fare? That will cause your dinner guests to never forget their meal? Here it is! Your own…rugged garlic dressing! This dressing has been a family favorite for almost 25 years. It comes from Julie…

Acorn Pancakes with Bacon

Acorn Pancakes with Bacon at

Realizing the sticking power of acorns in any recipe, I now view pancakes through a different prism. Pancakes that always seemed more like “fluff” to me have now become an actual meal. Acorns are a “no-fluff” ingredients to add to almost any baked good. (Read more about foraging for and cooking with acorns.) You can…

Nettle Soup


How could anything this healthy be so totally delicious? Nettle soup has a growing fan base across the country and for good reason. Nettle leaf is delicately flavored and cooks to a smooth silky texture. The prickly little needles are completely gone. No other vegetable in our experience provides the texture that nettle does. Use…

White Bean and Barley Soup Italiano

White Bean Barley Soup from

I love glorious cool days filled with outside projects. The air is exhilarating and the exercise invigorating. What can make me cranky on a day like this is to have to stop and cook. Surely you’ve also noticed the appetites that accompany such work projects. Here is one of my answers to the problem —…

Beet and Orange Salad with Fennel


This is a bright fresh-tasting show-stopper of a salad. If you already have roasted beets, then the ease and speed of putting this salad together will be a delightful surprise. Leave out none of the ingredients, if at all possible. This is one of those combinations where all the parts sing in harmony. Leave one…

Chocolate Chip Cookie (With Coconut Flour — Gluten Free)

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies @

This cookie is surprisingly popular in our household. I am surprised at its popularity in part because the presence of a chocolate chip within in a cookie sets up expectations for a “Tollhouse”-like experience. The fact is, like most human beings, I would love to live on Tollhouse-like cookies for at least three meals a…

Creamy White Bean Soup with Dill and Parmesan

Creamy White Bean Soup with Dill and Parmesan at

One of the outstanding traits of white beans is their creamy texture. Why not accentuate that creaminess by turning them into a creamy soup? It’s delicious and satisfying — almost decadent. This recipe calls for dill but you can substitute fresh basil or use a dill and mint blend. Parsley and chives are a tasty…