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Roasted Green Tomato Canapes

Roasted Green Tomato Canapes @

This is a real sleeper. I roasted a pan of green tomatoes out of curiosity. There was such a pile of them, wasting a few green toms was no big deal. The experiment was on! The end result was so delightful and tasted most excellent on a cracker with cream cheese and roasted garlic. Ingredients…

Sardine Appetizer With Sun Dried Tomato Dip

Sardine Crackers with Sun Dried Tomato Spread @

We had company last week and set out an appetizer spread, including these sardine crackers. It turns out that none of the company would get near sardines and I spoiled my dinner gobbling up the whole tray. Sardines are a great source of the beneficial Omega 3 fats and a host of minerals but most…

Sun Dried Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs


If you are a deviled egg fan you probably already know how easy they are to dress up with a little extra flavor. This recipe does just that — it uses a classic deviled egg approach but replaces the mayonnaise mixture you add to the yolks with a flavorful dressing blend of dried tomato, roasted…

Sun-Dried Tomato and Roasted Pepper Dip

Tomato Pepper Dip @

Spreads and dips are so quick and simple to put together, I’m not sure why I don’t do it more often. It is wonderful to have a container of spread in the refrigerator that will turn the plainest sandwich into a gourmet delight or to use it as a dip with veggies and chips. When…

Pan-Roasted Vegetable Salad


When the garden bounty seems to have no end, many gardeners throw up their hands exclaiming, “It’s coming out my ears!” When you have this much of a veggie harvest, you can afford to make entire meals of that harvest. This simple dish is a prime example. This is a long instruction, but once you…

Zucchini Chips

Zucchini Chips

A couple of years ago we found a bag of seasoned “vegetable chips” at a roadside stand and it changed the way we thought about our summer harvest. Certainly, kale chips are incredible and we make them when we can, but just like you can make chips out of any kind of green (as we…

Beyond Kale Chips: Dehydrated Chips From Any Tender Green


When I watched the Growing Your Greens video for dehydrating vegetable chips, I was intrigued. John was plucking all sort of leaves, not just kale. This was new for me even though we have made kale chips. Then he proceeded to season those leaves like they were the next fast food item to be offered…

Homemade Kale Chips


Kale chips may be the biggest new sensation on the snack market. With the feverish pursuit of health, kale chips were bound to happen. I can consume a rather pricey bag of these chips in ten minutes, still wanting more. How about you? The answer to this dilemma is to make your own kale chips….

Salmon Dip With Canned Salmon


I had an experience with salmon dip at a party that was so memorable that I have wanted to reproduce it for years. Quite unashamedly, I hung around the dip on the snack table at the party, dipping in and inquiring as to who made this heavenly concoction. The cook arrived on the scene. In…