Food Prep: Hone Your Skill

Years ago, my mother, Jeanie Rose, created some videos for my Rebuild From Depression website. Surprisingly, her own brother learned how to chop garlic from one of them. Her brother (and my uncle) is a good cook and actually worked under a well-known chef in his younger years and, yet, he gleaned valuable tidbits from her six-minute video all dedicated to mincing garlic. Of course, we turn to him for expertise on broth, soups in general, and on carving a turkey. Everyone has their area. I have included here some of mom’s areas of expertise, including the now vintage minced garlic video. Mom will be creating some more for your this summer (2011). Stay tuned.

Jeanie Rose

Roasting Green Beans


Once you’ve tasted the perfect roasted green bean, you may not want green beans cooked any other way — ever! The key is reaching that “perfectly roasted” state. If you haven…[more]

Roasting Spaghetti Squash – Instructions for First-Timers


For many people, spaghetti squash is like a vegetable come from outer space. What in the world do you do with that thing? Roast it and use it once and you will be an expert. If you need a little help …[more]

Roasted Green Tomatoes

Roasted Green Tomatoes @

For years my routine has been to pick the largest (and most likely to ripen) green tomatoes just before our first killing frost. Needless to say, many smaller green tomatoes fell victim to the freeze.…[more]

Reducing Phytic Acid in Food in Your Kitchen

Phytic Acid Kitchen Strategies

Have you heard about phytic acid in food? Perhaps you have not only heard of it, but you are obsessed by it? Phytic acid is a common component of grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds that actually reduces…[more]

How To Steam Vegetables: Secrets To Great Steamed Vegetables


We’ve enjoyed this dish for well over three decades now and have not come up with a suitable name. “What’s for lunch?” “A pan of steamed vegetables.” Everyone in th…[more]

Cleaning Your Garden Greens


I remember having a lovely lunch in a restaurant by Fisherman’s Warf in San Fransisco. Everything was perfect: wonderful view of the ocean, sterling service and then I felt a crunch of sand in t…[more]

Baking with Coconut Oil


Many people ave discovered the value of coconut oil in baking — the flavor and texture compliments many baked goods well and coconut oil allows you to replace shortening or vegetable oils high i…[more]

Homemade Baby Food With Butternut Squash


One of the favorite baby foods in this house has been butternut squash. How wonderful to be able to turn out your baby’s own food where you know there are no additives except the love you put in…[more]

Roasted Vegetables: How to Roast, Ideas for Using Roasted Vegetables


I had my introduction to roasted vegetables in a small Armenian restaurant in Fresno. We ordered a salad piled with roasted veggies and drizzled with olive oil vinaigrette and fresh parsley. When the …[more]

Roasted Pumpkin


Roasted pumpkin is the key ingredient in pumpkin pies, other custards, and as a base in soup. The pumpkin is roasted and then pureed. However, as roasted vegetables become increasingly popular, we hav…[more]

Roasted Butternut Squash


Roasting butternut squash is a simple way to enjoy its flavor and beauty. Once its roasted you can puree the butternut squash and use it in a variety of recipes for soups, breads, and desserts. The pu…[more]

Cooking Tips For Busy People


If you are like 90% of the American cooks in the kitchen under the age of 50, you do not have a home-grown model of cooking tips, meal planning, and organization. Most of our mothers worked outside th…[more]

How To Wash Vegetables


An efficient kitchen has a plan for how to wash vegetables. If your plan is working for you (whatever it is), then you should definitely keep it. If you fly by the seat of your pants in the vegetable …[more]

Composing A Salad


Some of the best Mom video classics come from that same camera designed by a team of pilgrims. Such is the case with this gem on composing a salad. Mom is great at being able to take seemingly random …[more]

Time Saver: Chop Your Produce In Advance


If you are going to cook from scratch on a regular basis, you will save a heap of time by chopping your produce in advance. We use one of these two approaches depending on what is going on in the hous…[more]