Friday Food Flicks — A Food-Inspired Photo Link Up

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Welcome to Friday Food Flicks where, together, we will curate cool food-related photos and videos. Please share your flicks here.

We love your pictures and look forward to more. I find myself envying the truck full of apples at The Liberated Kitchen. She could turn some of those into apple sauce and ferment them like Jessica at Natural Health and Prevention. I would myself but it appears that while we are long on dehydrated apple chips, we are out of frozen apples and have one lonely last apple in our fruit bowl. Luckily for us, orange season has started.

You also have to appreciate curried goat liver. Check out the recipe and do not miss the “soak in milk for a very long time” step.

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Our Contribution

Testing the Hygiene Hypothesis

Testing the hygiene hypothesis that suggests more exposure to dust and grime actually makes you healthier and that farm children develop stronger immunity because of their on-going contact with animals and the dander and pathogens they carry, our toddler works on asthma prevention.

I wonder if I can convince people to pay an entry fee to our five acres to help clean out the chicken coop. Perhaps we can bill Medi-Cal.

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  1. Friday Food Flicks — A Food-Inspired Photo Link Up

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16 Responses to Friday Food Flicks — A Food-Inspired Photo Link Up
  1. Thanks for featuring my apples, Amanda! I have a bunch of applesauce canned up that I’m planning on fermenting on an as needed basis.

    Did you know that you can rehydrate apple chips and make applesauce?

    I shared our Chestnut Stuffing recipe with a picture of the grain and sugar free Christmas brunch buffet. In the back is a relish tray with raw sheep milk pecorino romano, kalamata olives, wasabi quick pickled green beans, and lactofermented asparagus. The main meal consisted of (from front to back) chestnut stuffing, roast chicken, roast delicata squash, and green salad with homemade blue cheese dressing. You can find my blue cheese dressing recipe here:

    On the left are my home canned Christmas presents.

    Thanks for hosting! I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with week!

    • Amanda Rose

      Kelsy — Thanks for the new posts. My children love the apple chips so much I am afraid to turn them into apple sauce. Apparently my mom has been using them in baking with some other fruits, so they are making their appearances around here.

  2. Whenever I taste any delicious food, the only sound I speak out is WOW..if the food is very much liked by me. otherwise I just eat and say..”its good”

  3. Hi Amanda,

    Today I shared two posts – one on taking the stress out of dinner by preparing for quick vegetable sides. It includes a yummy recipe for honey-cinnamon butternut squash mash! The other is a delicious, grain-free breakfast porridge!

    Thanks for hosting, and have a great weekend!

    • Amanda Rose

      Thanks Jennifer! Those look wonderful!

  4. Jen

    Amanda, I posted a quick go-to meal using a jarred vodka sauce with good ingredients (ordinarily I make from scratch but wanted to let people know of a good option that may exist in the store from time to time. And I posted a review of a homemade cleaning ebook from another blooger.

    • Amanda Rose

      Thanks Jen! We all need those quick meals!

  5. Hi! Happy Weekend! I shared a picture from my latest post about Parsley! Thank you for the event!

  6. I think farm kids are healthier! All those paranoid mommies keeping their kids away from mud and dirt aren’t doing them any favors. I’m sharing a recipe for a curried lentil soup with raita. Have an amazing weekend.

  7. Thanks again for hosting! This afternoon, while his big brother napped, our 20-month-old son helped me with some baking. It is never too early to kids involved in cooking…

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the invite! I’m finding these lemons so versatile and handy.

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to post my Garlic Spice Gravlax. Sorry about the misspelling within the post title.

  10. Wasn’t your blog the place i got a see kid kissing a pig? :) )
    Well, just last week there was this pic on the net with a small child lovingly kissing a pig on the snout and i thought just this, that that kid must’ve built an immune system that could kill anything. Compared to children raised in cities, that kid won’t see the room of a hospital for a long time.

  11. Very much true !! The caption of any picture adds more and more life to it !! Thanks for sharing !! Cheers

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