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These downloads have been featured around the Internet because of their unique contribution to the raw milk discussion.

A growing movement of consumers is seeking raw, unpasteurized milk. Raw milk may not be readily available at the grocery store; it may even be illegal to purchase. As a consumer, it is difficult to wade through claims by the government and by raw milk advocates. After deciding to try raw milk, consumers may find themselves having to become educated about finding a new source of this food, but also of deciding for themselves whether the farming practices of a particular farm meet their own personal standards.

I developed these guides as small steps in improving raw milk information for consumers.

Raw Milk: Death Drink or Uniquely Safe?

Raw milk, unpasteurized, not homogenized, from cow (or goat) to bottle, is becoming a beverage of choice in the United States but it does have risks. In fact, it is such a controversial choice that it’s hard to find decent information about it.

Have you heard from regulators that drinking raw milk is like playing “Russian roulette with your health?” In history, Russian roulette comes with a 1 in 6 chance of death each round. The world would have far less of a population problem if drinking raw milk was equivalent to Russian roulette.

Have you heard from raw milk advocates that raw milk is “uniquely safe”? The claim is that raw milk has components that kill pathogens. The claim in a sense is true but the pathogen-killing ability of raw milk does not make it “uniquely safe.”

Can you imagine any activity in life being “uniquely safe”? Follow Me on Pinterest

Even locking yourself in a closet is not uniquely safe — you will soon run out of vitamin D sitting in the darkness.

Unbiased, No Nonsense

Raw milk is neither uniquely dangerous nor uniquely safe. Not many people will tell you that because of the “war-time” nature of the current political movement.

I am one of the least-biased people in the current raw milk dust-up (if I do say so). I don’t actually care whether you choose to drink raw milk, my concern is that you have decent information to make your own choice.

I have been involved in raw milk politics in California. Above is my son and me with Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy. I helped Mark with a political campaign in 2007.

In 2009, I was invited to speak at the American Medical Veterinarian Association as a raw milk consumer and social scientist. In making an argument for the free choice of raw milk, I was heckled by a number of people in attendance and given “the evil eye” by someone from Homeland Security. I took my opportunity nonetheless to have yet another child pictured, this time with food injury attorney Bill Marler (below).

From these meetings come two raw milk white papers — PDF downloads (completely free of charge right now):

Does Raw Milk Kill Pathogens?

Raw Milk Consumer Guide: How to Choose Your Raw Dairy Farmer, Questions to Ask and Red Flags


Follow Me on Pinterest The consumer guide in particular is the only guide available written for consumers that recognizes the importance of milk safety and provides specific information to help you manage your risk. Many raw milk advocates do not even acknowledge risk which makes risk-management a taboo topic. Not here. Examining a farm’s practice is not always straight-forward, especially if you are meeting a farmer at a marketplace. Even visiting the farm, if you do not have the tools to examine a farm’s practice, then you may not be able to make a decision that is best for you.

Grab these downloads today and learn:

Does raw milk kill pathogens completely? (No, and I’ll show you the research.)

Is E. Coli O157:H7 more likely to be killed in warm or cold milk? What about other pathogens?

What about the raw milk urban legend that a California farmer had his milk spiked with pathogens and the milk killed them? Is it true? See the lab results yourself.

How can you choose a farm with reasonable standards of sanitation and safety?

How much grass should you see on a grass-fed dairy?

What can you ask your farmer about grass, acres, milking, milk transport, and more?

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