African Okra Soup

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Follow Me on Pinterest Did you know that okra originally came from West Africa? I grew up thinking it must have originated from Louisiana since I had never encountered okra until we moved there. Okra came fried, gumbo-ed, and pickled. I enjoyed it all. I still do.

In striking out and finding new tastes it’s always profitable to check cooking methods and recipes that come from the area where the particular food originates.

The inspiration for this okra soup comes from the African Culinary Network. I say “inspiration” because my method of putting this soup together is quite a bit faster, using leftover cooked chicken. While my version comes close to being instant, do check out the inspiring website. It’s loaded with information on food history and nutrition as well as fascinating recipes.

While I have not been to the Volta region of West African and cannot verify the authenticity of my soup version, I can say it is tasty and interesting…with one caveat. This soup uses the mucilaginous quality of the okra as a thickener. If you have an aversion to okra “goo”, this soup is not for you. There are other delicious ways to prepare okra that do not include the slime.

Given the fact that the okra cooks only a couple of minutes and the fact that any nutrients leaching from the okra are picked up by the chicken bone broth, this is a nutritionally power-packed soup. Remember, okra is the super food that will gain fame in the next few years.

In the original recipe the seeds are removed. Apparently in that region only the poor folk eat this dish with the seeds present. Those seeds contain vegetable protein and oil that I will not lose. So for my version, the seeds stay!

African Okra Soup Ingredients

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2 Responses to African Okra Soup
  1. Okra and chicken!
    Unlikeliest of combinations!
    Wait for me to try it out in the evening today- for the simple reason that it seems to be so simple!
    ;) Hubby loves soups and I just dont have enough time for ‘em. Hope to put a smile on his face today! :)

  2. What is the health benefit of this soup. The usually has delicious taste and also has the health benefits such as for relieve of sore throat. What about this soup?

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