Vegetable Juice With Bone Broth, A Drinkable Nutritional Powerhouse

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Follow Me on Pinterest What makes use of left over vegetables and vegetables scraps, leftover bones, and is wrapped up together in a tasty package of health-supporting goodness? This vegetable juice adaptation that combines fresh vegetable juice with hearty bone broth (you could substitute vegetable broth as well).

As described in the video below, use vegetables you have on hand to make your vegetable juice. You will need a juice extractor that actually extracts the juice out of vegetables. In the video we are using this juicer which we have had great success with over the years.

If you have produce that you know you will not end up using otherwise, juicing it is an exceptional way to enjoy its benefits and keep it from being wasted. If you are buying vegetables specifically for juicing, our favorite combination is one beet, five large carrots, and two celery stalks. The juice itself is quite sweet and dense, but combined with broth, it becomes a heartier beverage that will not knock you over with the sweet punch of juice.

To make bone broth, we follow our bone broth process. We use a warm broth to create a warm juice drink.

We use about one-third vegetable juice to two-thirds broth, but this concoction is definitely worthy of tweaking to suit your own tastes.

Drink a cup of this combination and feel the nourishment as it hits your stomach. There are few things quite as satisfying as one of these drinks.

Check out this vegetable juice recipe by Mom on YouTube or watch below.

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Enjoy your vegetable juice!

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9 Responses to Vegetable Juice With Bone Broth, A Drinkable Nutritional Powerhouse
  1. I love videos from Mama Rose! This is great. And really makes me want a juicer! Mmm. :) Thanks for sharing with Sunday School!

  2. Thanks for sharing with our Flu Fighting Foods blog hop! Tomorrow we’re featuring green tea – hope to see you there!

  3. Every now and then I decide to go on a veggie diet, and have veggie juice for a few days just to help cleansing my system.. this sounds like a pretty good recipe to try thank you for sharing Amanda.

  4. Besides having in cooked and raw form I’m not much into vegetable juice so to be honest I’m not sure whether I’m going to like these vegetable recipes but since I’ve already experimented with some of your recipes and it turned out pretty good I’m thinking of trying these vegetable juice recipe as well.

  5. Hello,
    all the vegetables are very usefull to us….

  6. It’s all about nutrition! Thanks for sharing those deep insights with us :)

  7. Fresh orange & blueberry juice made from my juice extractor to go along with my waffles for breakfast this

  8. Joe

    Ah i’ve never tried bone broth. Sounds a lil creepy but I would definitely give it a shot! Thank you.

  9. Gelatin can sometimes be harsh on the tummy. No idea why but some people I know and myself have had that experience

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