Quick Tip: Stinging Nettle Remedy — Lamb’s Quarters

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Follow Me on Pinterest I am so excited to report a natural remedy for a nettle leaf rash: the wild green called “lamb’s quarters.” Here in California, lamb’s quarters grows wild along with nettle at some elevations and as I was about to trek into a stand of both, one of my son’s teacher’s said, “If the nettle gets you, rub some lamb’s quarters on it.”

I am very sensitive to nettle with rashes that last about three days. Anyone who has braved a stand of nettle knows it is not an issue of “if the nettle gets you…” but “how badly.”

I was stung, rubbed lamb’s quarters on the affected spot, and felt no rash.

Three days later feeling even more bold, I entered a stand of nettle and cut and grabbed nettle stems with wild abandon. By the time I got two bag fulls to the car, the rashes were forming on my arms. I rubbed the rashes in lamb’s quarters and the pain stopped immediately. The rash itself was gone within a few hours.

Follow Me on Pinterest For information on identifying lamb’s quarters, check out this resource by Wild Man Steve Brill.

Since lamb’s quarters is seasonal here and nettle is available to us throughout the year at different elevations, I am going to make a lamb’s quarter extract for my future nettle harvest. I will make the extract simply by putting lamb’s quarters leaves in vodka for a couple of months and then straining out the leaves and using the liquid on my nettle rashes. I will report back on how well the extract works.

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5 Responses to Quick Tip: Stinging Nettle Remedy — Lamb’s Quarters
  1. Hey Amanda

    Thanking for sharing these wonderful tips. A very interesting post.

  2. Hi Amanda.Thanks for such an interesting post .Was not aware that such a natural remedy can treat nettle leaf rash so well. Moreover making a lamb’s quarter extract is quite thoughtful . Nice post.

  3. Wow! Glad this worked for you. very informative indeed! thanks for this post.

  4. Michael Green

    Nettles have their own cure as well!! Just chew up the leaves and smear it on the stinging spot. In a few minutes the sting is gone! I’ve demonstrated it on my friends many times, it works every time.

    • Amanda Rose

      If your tongue doesn’t get stung in the process, all is well. LOL. Do you cook them before chewing the leaves?

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